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10 ways your stressin' your hair out this summer

10 ways your stressin' your hair out this summer

Styling, tuggin, ponytails, top knots, salt water, chlorine, sun damage, convertibles, all nighters and boozy BBQs.

We already know that heat styling causes damage so hopefully you've already got that covered with a heat protectant product.

Styling, tuggin, ponytails, top knots, salt water, chlorine, sun damage, convertibles, boats, all nighters and boozy BBQs.


  • UNDO your hair ties the same way you looped them in!  No tugging them out creating tension and breakage!
  • LOOSEN those hair ties or use a silk scrunchie or Hair Springs!
  • Apply one of your Summer Essential products to your hands before snatching up that top knot.


  • Use sunscreen in your hair before your beach day, even keep it in your bag to reapply.  Start with Magic Myst and reapply all day!
  • Protect your color investment!  We sunscreen our skin daily while the sun strips our color turning it brassy!
  • I love adding this Miracle Hair treatment to my beach bag


  • Aggressive wind from surfing, all day boating, convertibles, ect can whip our hair around causing mighty tangles and rough up the cuticle at the same time!
  • Brush your hair starting at the ends
  • Wear in a loose braid close to your neck to grab those little shorties.
  • Wear a hat!



  • Salt water is not all that bad for our hair but if it sits in the hair all day or overnight it can cause extreme dryness. 
  • Ditto for chlorine only wayyyy more drying AND it can discolor hair.
  • Wet your hair and add Clean Beauty Everyday Leave in Conditioner and sunscreen BEFORE jumping in the pool or ocean!  Your hair is a sponge so if it is full of good stuff it can't absorb the bad stuff, ya feel me?
  • Also Everyday Leave in is CLEAN as a whistle so you don't have to worry about harming the environment, even the bottle is made of sugarcane


8 + 9. Now what is wrong with ALL NIGHTERS and Boozy bbqs you may ask...

  • Dehydration is the #1 cause for dry hair.  Beauty starts on the inside.  Make sure you are drinking good clean water and a lot of it!  
  • Check out my friend Tracy's podcast to learn more about how to properly HYDRATE
  • Malnutrition is #2.   When people are having problems with their hair I always suggest looking into these first.  Getting enough protein and minerals is paramount for having good hair.


  • Air dry your hair this summer instead of adding insult to injury with blowdryers and curling irons.  Save the heat styling for date night and Sunday brunch.

Heres my round up must haves for your summer bag:




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