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Co washing?

Co washing?

Co washing is using conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo.

Co washing is generally for culy hair or super wavy textured hair.  The purpose would be to avoid drying out and seperating the hairs.  Dry, seperated hairs are what we call frizz.  

Use a Cowash also known as cleansing conditioner:

if you work out and need to smell good, rinse sweat and dirt but dont need to strip hair of oils.  If you have curly or very wavy hair that needs to be soaked to be restyled.

Use Cowash as you would shampoo, by soaking your hair.  Apply Cowash to the scalp and manipulate as you would shampoo.  Don’t expect to see lather with this stuff, enjoy the weight it brings to frizzy dry hair.


Note: not for fine hair that errs on the flat side


xoxo TM

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