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How often should I shampoo?

How often should I shampoo?

Daily is bad.  Ew your hair smells.  Is that dandruff on your shirt?

With so much information availbile, its really hard to decipher whats real and whats poppycock ya know?  Let me break it down to you:  If your hair is dirty, wash it.

Hair can collect build up from product, sweat, and especailly air polution.  Even second hand smoke can leave residue.  

Scalp:  Your scalp is skin, just like the rest of you and when it is not exfoliated or cleaned it can build up!  Dirty skin and sebum (oil) build up on your scalp & can clog your follicle (the tiny hole your hair grows out of) slowing down hairgrowth.  Scalp build up can also cause symptoms simular to dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.  So, scrub your scalp.

If youre thinning, take precaution to use shampoo and conditoners that are aimed to heal and create blood flow to your scalp.  Healthy scalp, Healthy hair.

Virgin, uncolored hair can be washed more frequently that bleached or colored hair. Imagine when we wash dishes and use the supernatural, earth friendly soap.  It does the job for the most part, but every once in awhile you have to reach for your hidden stash of Dawn Extra... Yeah i see you.   

If youre afraid of losing or fading color, use a conditoner with pigment that matches your color!  

“If your hair is visibly oily and dry shampoo isn’t masking the oiliness I’d say it’s time to freshen up your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

If you are a person who washes your hair daily because your hair feels dirty but does not look dirty, try dry shampoo. It will get you through one more day and save you blowdry and styling time.“ - @desikp San Diego Hairstylist

Heres the deal:

Wash your hair when its dirty, 2-4 times a week is average.

Use a gentle cleanser usually.  Sulfate free preferred.

Wash your hair once a week with a clairifying shampoo containing sulfates.  Scrub your scalp, not your ends.


xoxo TM

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