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Some people don’t get the hype.  We do. 


Silk pillowcases don’t snag the hair cuticle like cotton or flannel.   Snag free means no frizz, snapping or matting.  Not to mention a longer lasting blowout.

What makes the HXTM Silk set better?
Our 30 momme silk is more dense than what is on the market. Slip Pillowcases at Nordstrom are 22 momme silk.  The higher the weight or momme, the more actual silk was used,  therefore a higher quality silk.

 Because of the density of this Silk set it does not steal or absorb hair and skin oils.  This allows your hair to stay shinier longer and your skin will glide instead of crease. 

 Sleep better knowing your sleep set isn’t aging your hair or your skin.  This is a must have for anyone who likes good hair.

If you don't use an eye mask, I suggest giving it a try.  This silk eye mask has added depth to the quality of my sleep.  

Less frizz
Hairstyle lasts longer
Hair is more shiny
Less breakage
Less tangles
Less creases
Leaves your skin products on your skin 
Leaves hair products in the hair.

From The Laundress herself, "Silk pillowcases and eye masks are all the rage, but are they worth the price tag? When it comes to beauty sleep, absolutely, yes! The lustrous, smooth fibers of silk are ideal for sleepwear and bedding because they cause less friction than traditional fabrics, reducing lines on skin and moisture absorption from skin and hair. It’s a magic thread for optimal rest, but its delicate fibers require special attention in the wash to avoid damage. Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning silk, removing skincare and makeup stains, and maintaining its beautiful luster in the process."

 1. Pretreat stains
2. Soak away oder
3. Cold machine wash, low agitation 
4. Hand wash
5. Do not wring out
6. Mesh bag
7. Weekly wash

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