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2020 presented challenges to the entire Globe.  This is the first time in my lifetime, the entire world was unified (well mostly) on the fact that our home, our families and our friends were of paramount importance.  We as a people learned what we could live without and what became essential.  

A strong support system is one thing we cannot live without.  As a hair professional since 2006, I found myself for the first time collecting unemployment. 

I have always noticed that some people buy products from their hairdresser, and some blindly buy haircare from algorithms online, pretty commercials and infamous influencers.  Without education on what works for whose hair, many are unhappy with their purchases and bathrooms full of unused and unwanted haircare!

Through HxTM we will curate haircare for you & your household to help avoid waste.  Not only will we choose haircare for your hair type and texture but also teach you how to use it.  This can be arranged for the whole family to help busy parents simplify while supporting real humans.

We focus on brands that support proper ethical treatment of all humans, Science, nontoxic goods, no animal cruelty and those with aim to benefit our Earth.  This way we can always feel good about where our money goes.

All unwanted “returns” will be donated to a shelter that is local to your shipping address.  Those in need receive things they need, but what about things that make them feel presentable, interview ready and simply part of society.

As part of the Shop Small movement, we invite you to trust & outsource your hair needs and challenges to real people who can decipher and clarify big business marketing.

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